48 keys

to sustainable management

This book proposes a different approach to management that is quite different from the normative, ideological or instrumental systems and schools of thinking that are so often inefficient, demotivating or even alienating. Xavier Camby presents a method that allows each person to develop their own personal leadership style. In this sometimes difficult role, they can use it to find enjoyable ways to make a real contribution.

The 48 management tools suggested can be applied as each person prefers, at the pace they decide and in line with their priorities. The choice is open, though the work is demanding. It is also designed to be liberating: individual energy is used in the best possible way, for personal growth and better collective financial performance, rather than dissipated on pointless stress and unmanageable personal conflicts.

To buy this book (in French): https://www.payot.ch/Detail/48_cles_pour_un_management_durable-camby_xavier-9782369180005?fp=1