Clients who recommend us

These are clients who have relied on us to Empower their teams and organisations, or to work with them one-to-one to activate their full potential and build the future they envision on the basis of the present.


CEO, mechanical systems company

It’s unusual for our engineering company to spend time on our team dynamics. To do this, the management team had to find the right sparring partners. GenerativeHumanae was recommended to us by a trusted acquaintance. The overall approach is clearly structured, but the process and rhythm are very flexible.

GenerativeHumanae takes generative leadership and neuroscience and distils fundamental modern, concrete principles that can be applied every day. These principles are put into practice in a series of workshops where the 3-year vision of the business is defined, ready to be set in motion. This exercise – never easy, but always exciting – builds team cohesion and alignment around a collective master project.

GenerativeHumanae understood how to work with us throughout the process, supporting us as needed. Beyond this, the experience was built on the incredible positive energy of the GenerativeHumanae team, their passion and desire to get the best out of each person and make it available to the team. Comments were insightful and encouraging, allowing each person to reflect on themselves in a safe environment. Help was always offered, enabling each person to get past personal blocks and team constraints – vital for senior managers aiming for excellence in a constantly changing world.

Human Resources Director, leading group in the global watchmaking and jewellery sector

GenerativeHumanae has developed an extremely powerful approach to working with teams on their business development projects.

To have the desired impact, this approach has to be championed by top management, and it has to align all the company teams in a collaborative endeavour. It starts with the company’s purpose, the vision and the goal of the team, and aligns these elements fully in the form of a concrete action plan.

The approach relies heavily on knowledge of yourself and others, and awareness of your strengths and limitations. It is based on the evaluation of each person’s Wave profile and bringing together these profiles. It is important to be clear about the objective: this approach is not designed to resolve interpersonal conflicts within teams. Just the opposite: applied correctly, it can anticipate and avert such conflicts.

We have applied the GenerativeHumanae approach several times in our company, each time with excellent results and feedback. Here are some examples:

  1. Creation of the mission, vision and roadmap for a corporate team in an organisation with a strong matrix structure.
  2. Working with participants and their sponsor in a training programme for high-potential employees from different organisations.
  3. Induction into Industry 4.0 and preparation of an initial roadmap for a combination of COOs and Human Resources Directors.

CEO, public transport service

The work carried out by GenerativeHumanae started with the Hero’s Journey, which initiated our Management into the process of becoming more confident, more impactful and better leaders. It also broke down territorial conflicts and brought teams closer.

Today our Management leads by example, working transversally and communicating freely. It is the hallmark of the agility of the whole organisation. The members of the Management Team now show concern for each other and anticipate their colleagues’ needs. With this new dynamic, each person is able to demonstrate their leadership, consider daily activities objectively, and strengthen their role as a catalyst for success and the achievement of desired outcomes.

Working with GenerativeHumanae was a decisive factor in our excellent response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

CEO, cosmetics industry, Switzerland

In a family business like ours, it’s vital to get it right when we decide to grow.

The GenerativeHumanae team brought us an original and efficient way to improve the skills and contributions of our experts and bring new talents into the management team.

Tailored to our needs and our existing strong team spirit, this organised and human approach allows us to launch new products successfully. The better-structured team has become more balanced, stronger, more agile and more mature as a result, across more activities.

Many thanks!

Human Resources Director, global energy industry

We contacted GenerativeHumanae to work with us on a leadership development programme for our senior managers. They listened carefully to our needs and were able to provide effective support thanks to their systemic and forward-thinking approach.

We also asked them to individually coach our senior managers, and the results had a very positive impact. We recommend them strongly to anyone aiming to bring clarity and order to their organisation!

CEO, private clinic, Switzerland

The GenerativeHumanae team empower lives as well as businesses.

Thanks to them we were able to identify the vulnerabilities within our organisation and work to create new interfaces to make us more efficient and more successful.

CEO, chronometry industry

Managers often try to change teams or their ways of working. It would be much simpler to just appoint people who match the values, energy and image we seek for our team, but this is rarely possible. At the beginning of the year I was offered this rare opportunity, but I was keen to avoid making mistakes, or at least making as few as possible. The solution was to bring in specialists in team empowerment to help with the process.

We selected GenerativeHumanae to help define and build our new team, and then asked them to guide us through the process of empowering the team. Their process and their visible experience brought us far-reaching impacts, felt far beyond the team itself. Each of us has benefitted personally as well as professionally. Each of us has a clearer idea of our strengths and weakness, and a better understanding of our personal challenges. Rigorous but positive, the process allowed each person to develop without feeling judged, confident that the response would be impeccably professional.

Defining our Master Project enables the company to stay aligned and to focus on a common goal. Each person identifies more closely with this goal because they helped to formulate it. Each person understands their role and their contribution to the team, and everyone knows that doubts and disappointments can be overcome because we are a team.

We would like to thank GenerativeHumanae for their professionalism and their process, but also for their very human approach at every stage. We absolutely recommend their services to any leader facing doubts or fears about their team.

University librarian

The GenerativeHumanae practice allowed me to successfully manage a significant life and career change. Their ability to listen and ask the right questions creates a critically new point of view. Being able to do this with empathy is another real strength. Thanks to their support I was able to face up to my fears and turn them into new resources to open up new opportunities.

I strongly recommend GenerativeHumanae to anyone seeking personal development.