Managing by Personality Type

How neuroscience helps motivation

The second most common cause of stress in the workplace, demotivation affects all sectors and levels of organisations. How can we manage it? This book proposes ways of thinking and actions at the individual and management level. Based on behavioural science and studies of the human brain, it shines new light on the mechanisms of motivation. It allows us to identify:

– our unconditional motivations, durable and resistant to failure
– our conditional motivations, dependent on results and validation so less reliable and more likely to lead to stress and demotivation.

Filled with examples, advice and practical tools, this book allows you to identify the fundamental elements of employees’ personalities in order to help each of them to develop their potential and use long-term motivations to become more engaged and less “temperamental”.

Based on an interdisciplinary view of personality beyond the usual psychosocial approach, it provides:

– ways of reading motivation and concrete descriptions that genuinely help to bounce back from failure and build on success
– ways of encouraging personalities to co-exist in harmony, particularly managing “difficult” personalities.

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