“A leader creates a world to which people want to belong. 

Robert Dilts, Generative Leadership

Driven by the belief that the talents and responsibilities of individuals and teams should drive business change, the GenerativeHumanae practice is a change facilitator with a philosophy and a scale that are resolutely human in nature. Each human, management or organisational challenge is approached by liberating potential and by inspiring better leadership. Leadership that encourages and enables each person to achieve beyond their own expectations, in an environment that protects the confidence, respect and well-being that everyone needs.

We call this Empowerment.

Founded in Lausanne by Charlotte d’Aulnois in 2015, GenerativeHumanae empowers organisations, teams and individuals. Each individual takes control of their own development and performance, in the present and for the future.

As its name suggests, the GenerativeHumanae practice is not only an ideas and inspiration platform: it generates innovative approaches and models for human and organisational development that make management cultures more autonomous, more audacious and more agile, in Switzerland and beyond.